What is Energy Medicine?

You know what it feels like when you're feeling great, things are flowing, and you are in tune with your own energies. You also know when things feel off. Energy Medicine is a subtle and gentle but incredibly profound and effective modality that helps balance and support your body's energies, while positively affecting your health, both physically and emotionally. 

Your body naturally wants to stay healthy and in balance, and energy naturally wants to move. Energy Medicine combines various healing modalities to help your body and its energies stay balanced, healthy and happy. Energy Medicine awakens energies that help bring joy, resilience, and enthusiasm to your life. Balancing your energies helps to regulate your hormones, decrease stress, and alleviate sleeping disturbances, digestion issues, allergies, and a host of other ailments. 

At Whole Body Energy, we address the "whole body" — including its energetic, physical, and emotional components.  So while you may come to us because your lower back is aching, we may address that issue by exploring and addressing energetically what grief or emotion might be underlying that condition.  Or though you may feel that fear and anxiety are humbling you, we may address the bottoms of your feet or your knees. We promise you, it’s all connected and there IS a rhyme and reason!  We want you to feel better, on every level.  That is our goal.

The best part is that Energy Medicine does not reside solely in the realm of gifted healers, or esoteric shamans.  It's something that anyone can learn, and benefit from.  We'll empower you with simple techniques and exercises to improve your own energy. 

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