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Gabrielle Wagner



Gabrielle Wagner is an Advanced Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner (EEM-AP) who has recently moved her practice (and her family) from Los Angeles back home to her roots in New Jersey.  She believes we should live with joy, self-love, and without pain.  She works with her clients to reduce and release stress and help balance the body’s energies to improve their daily well-being and bring more vitality and resilience to their immune systems and their lives in general. She is dedicated to teaching her clients how to energetically care for themselves so they can better handle life’s demands, and feel good doing it!  In addition to being an EEM-AP, she is also a TRE® Provider (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercise), Reiki practitioner, a singer, actress, writer, wife and mom of two.  She is an insured member of ABMP.

“Gabi helped me start to feel in control of my life again & her energy left me lighter & happier after every session. Her warmth, humor & knowledge allow you to relax fully, knowing that you are being cared for & healed on every level. Thank you Gabi!” –A.R.   

Heather Wagner & Alfred

An Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner and Healing Touch for Animals® practitioner, Heather Wagner is also a drummer, certified personal trainer, black belt (Shotokan karate), and big-time animal lover. After working for many years in the art world, she shifted her focus to help people find health and happiness through Energy Medicine and fitness. Fascinated by the connections between the energetic body and the physical body and the powerful ways in which they inform and communicate with each other, she truly believes Energy Medicine can revolutionize health and help people take control of their own well-being. She works with clients, of both the 2- and 4-legged variety (and the occasional 3-legged!) to help them find balance, health, and peace in their lives. She has a non-judgmental, relaxed and humorous demeanor, and a natural empathy for folks who tend to be stressed and anxiety prone. She shares her practice with an elderly pug named Alfred and master healer feline named Po. 

"Over the course of just a few sessions, Heather helped me to virtually eliminate neck pain that had plagued me for years, and I gained new knowledge about what my body is telling me. As an added bonus, I slept for 8 hours for the first time in forever. Energy Medicine works!  – E.P.